Sunday, July 6, 2008

Save binary file in Tcl under V6

This issue pops up every couple of years. It's nothing new, but still worth documenting.

The Challenge: To save a posted file to a file system, not using SUBMIT_STATIC_FILE.

The Problem: Vignette V6 pre-process the form submitted data so that any <input type="file"> are encoded as an hex string. If you ERROR_TRACE the variable for the file, you will see a string that looks like 0x1D00ABADD1D9....

The Solution: binary format to the rescue. and with a bit of trimming, you get it all in a few lines:

proc save_files { } {
#FileData,FileExtention,Field1 are posted from the <form>

set filename [generate_filename]
set bin_filename "${filename}.[SHOW FileExtention]"
set xml_filename "${filename}.xml"

### This will save a binary file.
set file [open $bin_filename "w"]
fconfigure $file -translation binary
puts -nonewline $file [binary format H* [string range [SHOW FileData] 2 end-1]]
close $file

### This will save a utf-8 xml (text) file
set file [open $xml_filename "w"]
fconfigure $file -encoding "utf-8"
puts $file "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>"
puts $file "<formdata>"
puts $file "<Field1>[HTML_ESCAPE [SHOW Field1]]</Field1>"
#...more fields...
$puts $file "<Attachment>$bin_filename</Attachment>"
puts $file "</formdata>"
close $file

* Remember to use H* and not h*.
* The example above also saves a text file in utf-8 with extra data from the form
* Make sure your form is enctype=multipart/form-data
* This will not work in Storyserver 4.2.

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