Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Uninstall Google Desktop Gadget

In order to uninstall any Google Desktop gadget you can do the following:
1. Close Google Desktop
2. Open 'My Documents' folder and locate and open 'My Google Gadgets' folder in it
3. Find the gadget you want to remove and delete it.
4. Open Google Desktop again.

(source: uninstall RSStoSpeech Google Desktop gadget - RSS To Speech Gadget | Google Groups)


  1. I was going nuts! Thanks!

  2. I have to say,great work...
    I was searching google tryin 2 do this n u just fix it for me....
    Thanx alot bud

  3. Lot of thanks dude!

  4. Good information, but is there anyway to delete the rectangular google search gadget that automatically comes with Google desktop?

  5. I don't think you can remove the search box. That's the main purpose of google desktop.

  6. Great!! It solved my problem. Thank you very much!!


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