Monday, June 18, 2007

Internet Explorer CSS Limit

We just came across a bug that makes IE choke when it needs to handle over 30 <style> objects. If you thought of using a single style object and then @import the other files, it won't work either.

You might want to ask why we need over 30 style objects. Well, since each drupal module tends to add it's own CSS (using drupal_add_css) we very quickly got to 22 CSS's being included. From there the road to 30-32 was quite trivial. Guess we'll have to use Drupal's CSS/JS aggragator to solve this.


  1. I just came across another... when you exceed 32 external styles (I only tested with "link" tags, not with imports) IE6 stops reading in page styles in style tags...

  2. Sorry I miscounted... it's also 30 link items... then no more style items are picked up.


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